Relix/Jambands.com Radio Chart Top 30 for 3 months: July (#27), Aug (#5), Sep (#16) 2022. 

American Blues Scene - Imagine you are preparing a list of today’s top female blues/rock guitarists. No doubt you will include Bonnie Raitt, Samantha Fish, Susan Tedeschi, Ana Popovic, and Rory Block. If you don’t include Debra Devi, your list is just not complete. Need convincing? Submitted for your consideration Devi’s recent EP Jamification Station, Vol. 1...read full review

Bluestown Music (Netherlands) - "The four songs on this EP will have you salivating looking forward to a full-length Debra Devi album."...read full review

Guitar International -  Devi’s rolled out a new EP called Jamification Station Vol. 1 that’s rocks with some of the coolest grooves you’ll hear these days....read full review/interview

The Jersey Journal  (Jim Testa) - "The cover of Jimi Hendrix’ “Crosstown Traffic” stands out as a showcase for Devi’s mind-blowing soloing"...read full review

Jersey City Times  (Tris McCall) - "Hudson County’s answer to Susan Tedeschi: a blues-rock true believer, thoughtful singer-songwriter, and charismatic performer "...read full review

Shady Grady - "Devi's guitar solos are muscular and incisive..." read full review

Radio Woodstock - interview and on-air performance...watch video

Guitar Girl Magazine - "In May 2020, Devi was in lockdown in Jersey City NJ, instead of out promoting her EP, A Zillion Stars Overhead (with Gov’t Mule bassist Jorgen Carlsson)"...read full review

 New Jersey Stage/Makin Waves Song of the Week -  "Her jaw-dropping cover of the Jimi Hendrix classic “Crosstown Traffic”  gets the nod as the Makin Waves Song of the Week"....read full review

North Jersey Blues Society - "Debra Devi is one badass guitarist, equally talented as a vocalist and songwriter - from catchy 'Home Again,' to an incredibly fiery interpretation of the Hendrix classic 'Crosstown Traffic,' the moving soul-rock of 'Get Free' and the uplifting, hopeful, Southern-rock of 'The River'"...read full review 


Bluestown - "A musical pearl we desperately need in these difficult times....read full review.  

Cover Me - The Best Cover Songs of February 2022...read full review. 


American Blues Scene (video premiere) - "What happens when a pint-sized female singer/guitarist JamBase calls a “supersonic fretburner” meets Gov’t Mule bassist Jorgen Carlsson? Gorgeous rock and fierce jamming on the new EP from Debra Devi, A Zillion Stars Overhead"....read full review.

Americana Highways - "Devi's sizzling bluesy sound combines her sizable guitar playing skills and powerful and passionate vocal stylings to fashion a mesmerizing and exciting record. Backed strongly and brilliantly by Jorgen Carlsson (Gov’t Mule) on bass and John Hummel (Amfibian) on drums, Devi leads the way through five searing tunes"...read full review.

American Songwriter She Rocks podcast - "In this episode of She Rocks Podcast, host Laura B. Whitmore talks with Debra Devi who is a powerhouse guitarist and singer/songwriter with two feet firmly planted in blues/rock. Her new project, A Zillion Stars Overhead EP, ventures into melodic rock territory and features Jorgen Carlsson of Gov’t Mule on bass and drums by Amfibian drummer John Hummel. It was mixed by Sylvia Massy....listen to interview. 

Bluestown Music (Netherlands) - "Debra is the first female guitarist to be invited to use a Homestead amp, an honor previously reserved for artists such as Gov't Mule and Gary Clark Jr. She mixes blues rock with big splashes of psychedelia, Americana and pop, assisted by Gov't Mule bassist Jorgen Carlsson, Amfibian drummer John Hummel and keyboardists Rob Clores and Peter Vitalone. The EP may be short but it is powerful and varied. Highly recommended to blues rock fans.....read full review.

Boog City - Debra Devi is a monster blues and rock guitarist who also sings songs with a sweet pop sheen....read full review

Guitar Girl - Tone Talk Interview - "A Zillion Stars Overhead opens with a nine-minute rock/jam version of "When It Comes Down" that features killer playing from Gov't Mule bassist Jorgen Carlsson and Amfibian drummer John Hummel, and Devi's blistering live-in-the-studio guitar solo...read interview. 

Guitar Girl - Stay music video premiere - "With its pounding dance beat, layered guitars and soaring vocal, “Stay” is reminiscent of “She Sells Sanctuary” by the Cult. 'I asked Sylvia Massy, who mixed the EP, to give ‘Stay’ that kind of pounding kick drum and shimmery guitar sound,' Devi agrees. 'She really delivered it. Working with Sylvia was a dream come true.'...read full interview

Guitar International - "One of New York area's finest rockers, Debra Devi is a multi-talented artist who can jam with the best of them. Debra recently released her new EP, A Zillion Stars Overhead, with Jorgen Carlsson from Gov't Mule on bass, Rob Clores (Jesse Malin Band) on keyboards, and John Hummel of Amfibian on drums.....read interview. 

Jersey Journal (Jim Testa) - "A Zillion Stars Overheard emphasizes Devi’s formidable guitar prowess, the beauty of her vocals, and the depth of her songwriting. Devi and her bandmates take the listener on an instrumental roller coaster ride of emotions, with churning intensity giving way to languorous, spacey meditation" ...read full review

Midwest Record - A killer rocker has once again attracted a smoking line up of talent to her side as she kicks out the jams on this jam band set that totally kicks out the jams. Devi has earned a shot on your play list and should be given one immediately....read full review. 

New Jersey Stage Makin Waves Record of the Week - "Imagine a cross between Bonnie Raitt, Joan Jett and Pat Benatar. Includes a fascinating and impressive reworking of Neil Young’s “The Needle and the Damage Done” and an exotically tuned original instrumental, “Canna Indica,” which closes the five-song collection. The slide work on both offers a psychedelic flare, kind of like David Gilmour"....read full review.

New York Music Daily -  Psychedelic guitarslinger Debra Devi opens her new album, A Zillion Stars Overhead with When It Comes Down, her John Coltrane Stereo Blues. It might not be her signature song, but it’s the big epic jam that everybody screams for at the end of the encores. Devi’s multitracks, from gentle acoustic phrases to sunbaked scream, shift through the mix over the slinky rhythm section of bassist Jorgen Carlsson and drummer John Hummel, with a stampeding double-speed interlude...read full review.

Real Roots Cafe (Netherlands) - A beautiful EP...opening with the wonderfully psychedelic  When It Comes Down (Jam)...read full review.  

Relix Digital Sampler - "Singer/guitarist Debra Devi jams with Gov’t Mule bassist Jorgen Carlsson and Amfibian drummer John Hummel on her new EP A Zillion Stars Overhead, a collection of dreamy blues-rockers and blistering psychedelic jams recorded by John Agnello and mixed by Sylvia Massy"...read full review.

Rootstime (Belgium) -  "This gem is a must for both blues rock and classic rock fans"....read full review 

Shi the Music Critic - "Intricate yet emotive blues rock...what happens when someone takes free form and bite of blues rock and blends it with the whimsy and distortion of neo-psychedelia and the ambient and enchanting nature of dream pop".....read full review.


New York Music Daily - "One of the great guitar players of our time, a master of touch, tone and shading. Debra Devi is the rare rock guitarist who’s as much about purpose as pyrotechnics. It’s amazing how she uses as many notes as she does, yet she doesn’t overplay. She can fire off a blistering, wildly psychedelic solo with the best of them, but she also uses every shade and color in her pedalboard..."

Jersey Journal (Jim Testa) - "Debra Devi stands out among singer/songwriters as a true triple threat: a gifted songwriter, a powerful singer and an outstanding guitarist. Devi displays the full range of her talents on her new EP Wild Little Girl. Firmly grounded in the blues/rock tradition, Wild Little Girl mixes wistfulness with forcefulness. Devi comes across as sassy and defiant on "Shake It," wistful and meditative on "Butterly." She wanders into modern country on "10 Miles to Clarksdale" and comes across as broken-hearted but hopeful on "Stay." Every track leaves room for her organic, expansive guitar solos..."

The Urban Politico -  "Her music radiates infectious joy...put me in mind of The Black Crowes, Prince, and Little Feat. Vocally Devi is a dead ringer for Sheryl Crow. I happen to like Crow's voice so for me this was a very good thing. Perhaps at some point in the future people will be saying that Crow's voice is a dead ringer for Devi's..."

Hardrock Haven - "Debra Devi knows simplicity works best when tackling heartbreak. 'Ten Miles to Clarksdale' is a downcast gem— a story of connecting with a kindred spirit, hopes dashed and the tension of silent longing..."  

Good Times - "Debra Devi continues to gain national acclaim as one of the most remarkable guitarists on the East Coast. Tracks range from crunchy pop-rock (“Butterfly”) and Gov’t Mule-inspired jamming (“Tired Of Waiting”) to pulsing disco-rock (“Stay”), Black Crowes-style sass (“Shake It”) and Devi’s soulful Americana tune “10 Miles To Clarksdale.” Devi’s ’70s-influenced guitar playing is the thread that weaves throughout – whether she’s playing slide, rhythm, or lead..."


Hardrock Haven - It’s not every day you get to watch a great player up close and personal. And Devi--apart from being a charming singer--also brandishes some top-notch guitar chops. Metal Hammer’s description of Devi’s style as reminiscent of Hendrix didn’t exaggerate — it emphasized how skillfully she deploys the heritage to create her own identity. The band references the ‘60s, early ‘70s with an understated retro vibe, but instead of sounding dated, its sound comes across as timeless...read full review

New York Music Daily - "C21H23NO3" gave Devi a crescendoing springboard for wild, unhinged soloing and an unpredictable, practically hardcore doublespeed interlude, while the pensive, moody "When It Comes Down "was a showstopper, its centerpiece being a long guitar solo that moved from suspensefully sustained, to spiraling and bluesy, back and forth, alternately mystical and exhilarating...read full review 

JamBase - Debra Devi is a supersonic fret-burner with a deep feel for the blues who also writes hauntingly memorable songs....read full review 

NJArts - "Hometown Heroes Fill White Eagle Hall" - Debra Devi organized the night and dubbed it Jersey City Rocks, putting together a diverse lineup that showcased the eclecticism and depth of talent in her adopted hometown Five mostly homegrown rock bands, a rapper who lives around the corner and 450 enthusiastic fans turned White Eagle Hall into Jersey City’s newest neighborhood rock club. The night sparkled as a celebration of diversity and community...read full review

Comeherefloyd - "Devi neither overplays nor oversings: everything she does is in the service of whatever discrete musical idea she’s currently determined to express. She plays her first few numbers on acoustic guitar, but the show really comes alive when she switches to electric. This gives her an opportunity to solo, which she does often, and with tonal and melodic sensitivity that reminds me quite a bit of David Gilmour."


The Jersey Journal (Jim Testa) - Why It's Important for "Wild Little Girl" To Rock Out Like the Boys

All Music Matters (Richmond Free Press UK) -  All Women Should Be Rock Stars: In-Depth with Debra Devi

Pop Matters - The Ladylike-Defying Guitar-Playing Debra Devi and the Language of the Blues

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A sense of humor, swagger, blistering guitar chops, looks, the smarts to fuse niche with mass market and a fertile, facile mind—doesn’t anybody at the major labels realize Deb is a freaking rock star? This stuff ought to be the new sound of the city, the new sound of the suburbs and has the snazz to be the first real rock break out in a long time.  Midwest Record 

It isn’t often that I come across an album that’s so good I have to listen to it multiple times in a row. After the fifth time through Devi’s Get Free album I was left with only one question, “How in the world have I never heard of this artist before?” Guitar International 
Debra Devi is one of the great guitar players of our time, a master of tone, touch and shading. Get Free has pretty much everything a band ought to deliver: catchy, melodic songs, gorgeously soaring vocals, killer musicianship and a centerpiece that’s a genuine classic. New York Music Daily 
Debra’s playing is big, melodic and bold. “C21H23NO3″ demonstrates perfectly what this band is about, starting with a pop/folk feel and chords catchy as hell, it moves into an almost metal feel with a nasty solo. Debra wraps it up with a frenetic Hendrix-style jam. Vintage Guitar 
I am sitting here in my easy chair BLASTING “When It Comes Down” off of Get Free and it’s giving me this fuzzed out stoner rock vibe yet I don’t know that I’ve EVER heard a female singing in a stoner band. I’m in musical heaven right now.  Banned Promotions

Debra has a compelling voice that reminds us of Sheryl Crow & PJ Harvey, but the music is very rock--with her guitar playing reminding us of the incomparable Jimi Hendrix.  Metal Hammer 
Equal parts earth mother, sex siren, Hendrix-inspired guitarist, and all-out rocker…this Jersey City rocker seems to get hotter by the day, and it’s not hard to figure why. The playing is expert, the charisma undeniable, and the effect is overwhelming.  Good Times 
An endearing fusion between the melodic finesse of Sheryl Crow and the rough rock energy of Queens of the Stone Age. Listen, you won’t be disappointed! Beat (Italy) 
Exhilarating and contemplative, with instantly memorable hooks and solos that dig deep as well as wide. Hopefully Get Free is just a first step toward universal recognition for Debra and her fabulous band. Crusher (UK) 
Get Free is an instant masterpiece. Junior’s Cave 
They say rock is dead and it probably is true. This does not prevent Devi from playing rocknroll with a beautiful and heartfelt passion. Marie Claire (Italy) 
Keep an eye on this artist. Devi has debuted with a fresh and sparkling album, melodic and with a giant rock sound.  L’Unita (Italy) 
Something tells us we are witnessing the birth of a rock star.  Audiovideofoto (Italy) 
Devi serves up a fabulous brand of rock: steaming hot and unpretentious featuring top-shelf musicianship, great melodies, gorgeous vocals, and one mean guitar.  Tinfoil Music

ITALY - thanks to our friends at Prom-o-Rama, Debra Devi's Get Free album received great reviews in Italy and was featured on iTunes Italy's home page for two weeks. Click here to read Italian press